V.le della Mercanzia Blocco 4b,
Galleria B, Nr. 7-9
40050, Funo di Argelato (BO)
VAT: 00653051201


The Editor is an international fashion brand that has represented style and quality since 2011. Born in Bologna by the combination of the exper- tise of Calypso and the creativity of Vincenzo Modesti, works on a basis of imagination and quality craftsmanship fused with a playful approach.

To underline that the collections are the result of the work of a group of different people the logo and the label includes the date of birth of the people working in the team, 21369CAL88.

Effortless style, authenticity and easy-going living are at the heart of the brand philosophy. These positive values shine through at every level, from the laid-back tailoring and hand-crafted details to the made-to-last quality.

The Editor wants to “edit”, to renovate and to refresh the wardrobes, using the details, the embroideries, the studs and the prints to create unique pieces for all the seasons.

The claim is to provide a “classic-with-a-twist” men and women’s wardrobe with its unique mix&match view of the streetwear and of the Italian tailored tradition.

By choosing The Editor clothes people know they’re showing their inner creativity and uniqueness, without fear of being judged for their appear- ance.

The Editor has developed a cult following and is known for its prints, that like suggestive stories connect all the pieces of the collections.

Designed and assembled in Italy.